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Todo List

Member NApt::AptPackages::search (Tagcoll::OpSet< string > &result, const string &pattern, bool searchDescr=true)
this function must nearly match the overloaded one - copy it when the other one is finished

Member NPlugin::AvailableVersionPlugin::setEnabled (bool enabled)
not yet implemented

Member NPlugin::AvailableVersionPlugin::setVisible (bool visible)
not yet implemented

Member CacheAccess::~CacheAccess ()
do we have to delete _pMap here?

Member CacheAccess::~CacheAccess ()
do we have to delete _pMap here?

Member NPlugin::DebtagsPlugin::setEnabled (bool enabled)
not yet implemented

Member NPlugin::DebtagsPlugin::setVisible (bool visible)
not yet implemented

Member NPlugin::DebtagsPlugin::evaluateSearch ()
fix the Expression Filter (hopefully Enrico will make it a template)

Member NPlugin::DebtagsPluginContainer::updateDebtags ()
add error handling here, but currently it is not supported because of bad exception specification in the Environment class

Member NBrowser::History::forwardPossible () const
is --end() valid??

Member NPlugin::InstalledVersionPlugin::setEnabled (bool enabled)
not yet implemented

Member NPlugin::InstalledVersionPlugin::setVisible (bool visible)
not yet implemented

Member NPlugin::PackageNamePlugin::setEnabled (bool enabled)
not yet implemented

Member NPlugin::PackageNamePlugin::setVisible (bool visible)
not yet implemented

Member PackageSearchImpl::addPlugin (NPlugin::Plugin *pPlugin)
connect selectionChanged signal

Member PackageSearchImpl::updateSearchPluginGui ()
this seemed to be neccessary because the tab widget behaved really odd

Member NPlugin::PackageStatusPlugin::setEnabled (bool enabled)
not yet implemented

Member NPlugin::PackageStatusPlugin::setVisible (bool visible)
not yet implemented

Member NPlugin::PluginManager::showSettingsDialog (QWidget *pParent)
remove this function and move the code to the control dialog.

Member NApplication::RunCommandForOutput::onProcessExited ()

Member NWidgets::SelectionInputAndDisplay::SelectionInputAndDisplay (QWidget *pParent, const char *name, TagSelectionWidget *pTagSelection, QListBox *pTagView, QLabel *pViewLabel)
check if we must reenable loadVocabulary here

Member NWidgets::SelectionInputAndDisplay::setShown (bool show)
check what to do here

Member TagListViewItem::TagListViewItem (QListViewItem *pParent, const string &fullTagname, const string &description="")

Member TagListViewItem::filterByName (const string &pattern)
BUG in QT? After backspace a wrong list is shown, even though the item was mad invisible. I fixed this with a proceeding make all visible, but it it kinda ugly... if (text(0)=="boot") { if (text(0).contains(filter) && !found) std::cerr << "Making boot visible"<<endl; else std::cerr << "Making boot invisible"<<endl;

Member NWidgets::TagSelectionListView::deselectTag (const string &fullTagname)
had to change to the this... version because of the covariance not supported thing

Member NWidgets::TagSelectionListView::getTagItem (const string &fullName)
covariant returns are currently not implemented by the gcc :-( Recheck it every new release!

Member NWidgets::TagSelectionListView::loadVocabulary (const Tagcoll::FacetSet &vocabulary)
add the long description as tooltip

Member NWidgets::TagSelectionListView::loadVocabulary (const Tagcoll::FacetSet &vocabulary)
here loading fails under really strange circumstences - I assume a qt or debtags bug here though I am not sure about it. The plugin crashes if this is called some more often and I don't know why. Using pRoot as parent works completely and so does it with loading only the 5 first factes (see above) it even happens if I use QListViewItems instead of TagListViewItems so it strongly speaks for a QT or debtags bug

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