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// C++ Interface: tagselectionview.h
// Description: 
// Author: Benjamin Mesing <bensmail@gmx.net>, (C) 2004
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
// The first version of this file was generated by umbrello 
// on Tue May 18 2004 at 20:13:27

#ifndef __TAGSELECTIONVIEW_H_2004_05_18
#define __TAGSELECTIONVIEW_H_2004_05_18

#include <string>
#include <set>

#include "tagitem.h"
#include "exception.h"

using namespace std;

namespace Tagcoll
      class FacetSet;

/** @brief This class defines an interface for a GUI for the selection of tags by the user.
  * It is characterized by a set of TagItems which are organized in a hierarchy. At each time there 
  * is a subset of them selected. Whenever the selection changes, the tagItemsSelected signal will 
  * be emitted.
  * @author Benjamin Mesing
00037 class TagSelectionView {
 * Public stuff
      /** Unary predicate that test if an item matches a given string. */
00043       struct equal_to_tagname : public unary_function<TagItem*,bool>
            bool operator()(TagItem* pItem)     { return pItem->fullTagname()==_fullTagname; };
            /** Constructs the object, fullTagname gives the string to be matched. */
00047             equal_to_tagname(const string& fullTagname) : _fullTagname(fullTagname)       {};
            const string& _fullTagname;

      /** @brief Adds a TagSelectionItem as child of parent to the view.
        * @param pItem item to be added
        * @param pParent item under which the new item should be added, if parent == 0 the item is handled as
        * a top level item 
      virtual void addTagItem(TagItem* pItem, TagItem* pParent=0) = 0;
      /** @brief Adds a TagSelectionItem as child of parent to the view.
        * @param pItem item to be added
        * @param parentFullTagname name of the item under which the new item should be added. */
      virtual void addTagItem(TagItem* pItem, const string& parentFullTagname) = 0;
      /** @brief Deselects the tag with the given name.
        * @param fullTagname tag to be deselected  */
      virtual void deselectTag(const string& fullTagname) = 0;
      /** @brief Deselects all tags. */
      virtual void deselectAll() = 0;
      /** @brief Clears the view and emits the tagItemsSelected() signal. */
      virtual void clear() = 0;
      /** @brief Get the item with the given name.
        * @param fullName the fullName of the item to be fetched
        * @returns the item that matches fullName, returns 0 if no such item was found */
      virtual TagItem* getTagItem(const string& fullName) = 0;
      /** This is a dummy function for documentation purpose only.\n
        * It shows that there is a signal called tagItemsSelected that will be emitted by this class.
        * But as QT does not support multiple QObjects as parents, I left the definition of 
        * this signal to the subclasses.
        * The signal will be emitted, whenever the selection changes.
        * @param tags the items that were selected by the user.
00086       void signal_tagItemsSelected(set<TagItem*> tags) {};
      /** @brief Loads or reloads and the vocabulary data.
        * Call this whenever you want to change the vocabulary data.
      virtual void loadVocabulary(const Tagcoll::FacetSet& pVocabulary)= 0;
      /** @brief Sets a pattern to be used to filter the tags. */
      virtual void setFilterByNamePattern(const string& filterByNamePattern) = 0;
      /** @returns if the current TagSelectionView has valid data loaded. */
      virtual bool hasData() const = 0;

#endif      // __TAGSELECTIONVIEW_H_2004_05_18

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