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NApt::Package Struct Reference

#include <package.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is struct is straight forward. It holds the information as received by apt-cache show.

Definition at line 32 of file package.h.

Public Types

typedef list< pair< uint, uint > > BorderList
enum  InstalledState { NOT_INSTALLED, INSTALLED }

Public Member Functions

uint getInstallSize () const
uint getSize () const
 Package (const QStringList &lines)
 Constructs a package from the given lines containing the package information.
 Package (const QString &name)
void parseInformation (const QStringList &lines)
 This parses the handed lines and sets the information for this package.
template<typename T>
void processEntries (T &t)

Static Public Member Functions

static BorderList getPackageList (const QString &s)
 This function returns a list of the packages contained in the string.

Public Attributes

QCString architecture
QCString conffiles
QCString conflicts
QCString depends
QCString description
QCString essential
QCString filename
QCString installedSize
InstalledState installedState
QCString installedVersion
QCString maintainer
QCString md5sum
QCString name
QCString preDepends
QCString priority
QCString provides
QCString recommends
QCString replaces
QCString section
QCString shortDescription
QCString size
QCString source
QCString suggests
QCString version

Static Private Attributes

static QString _emptyString

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