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// C++ Interface: selectioninputanddisplay
// Description: 
// Author: Benjamin Mesing <bensmail@gmx.net>, (C) 2004
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution

#include <qobject.h>
#include <qlistbox.h>

#include "tagselectionwidget.h"

class QListBoxItem;
class QPoint;
class QLabel;

class TagItem;

namespace NWidgets {

/** @brief This class manages a TagSelectionListView and the corresponding listbox which displays 
  * the results.
  * It does not inherit QWidget itself.
  * @invariant _pTagSelection points to a valid object
  * @author Benjamin Mesing
  * @developer The selectionInputAndDisplay widgets that will be created a will have 
  * be child of the pTagSelectionParent handed in the constructor and thus must not
  * be deleted via delete.
00039 class SelectionInputAndDisplay : public QObject
      /** @brief The widget used to select the tags.
        * This widget will be created and managed by this class. */
00045       TagSelectionWidget* _pTagSelection;
      /** @brief The QListBox which should be used to show the tags selected. */
00047       QListBox* _pTagView;
      /** @brief The label shown above #_pTagView. */
00049       QLabel* _pViewLabel;
      /** @brief The parent to be used for this class. */
00051       QWidget* _pParent;
        * @param pParent the parent of this class
        * @param pTagSelectionWidget the widget that shall be used to select the widgets
        * @param pTagView the QListBox which should be used to show the tags selected
        * @param pViewLabel the label shown above pTagView
        * @param loadVocabulary if the vocabulary should be loaded, else the widget will stay
        * empty
      SelectionInputAndDisplay(QWidget* pParent, const char *name, TagSelectionWidget* pTagSelection,
            QListBox* pTagView, QLabel* pViewLabel);
      /** @brief For easy access to the tagSelectionListView. */
00065       TagSelectionListView* tagSelectionListView()    { return _pTagSelection->tagSelection(); }
      TagSelectionWidget* tagSelectionWidget()        { return _pTagSelection; }
public slots:
      /** @brief This shows or hides the widgets. 
        * If a widget is hidden its vocabulary will be unloaded. 
        * @warning if the widget is hidden it is not safe to access any member function
        * except setShow(true) */
      void setShown(bool show);
      /** Clears the selected items. */
      void clear();
      /** @brief This reloads it the #_pTagSelection ListView widget by calling 
        * tagSelectionListView()->loadVocabulary()
      void loadVocabulary(const Tagcoll::FacetSet& vocabulary);
protected slots:
      void onViewContextMenuRequested(QListBoxItem* pItem, const QPoint& pos);
      /** This shows the handed tags in the #_pTagView. */
      void setViewTags( const set<TagItem*> & tags );

}     // namespace NWidgets

#endif      //  __SELECTIONINPUTANDDISPLAY_H_2004_06_28

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