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#ifndef __PLUGINCONTAINER_H_2004_06_23
#define __PLUGINCONTAINER_H_2004_06_23

#include <vector>
#include <utility>

#include <qstring.h>

#include "iplugininformer.h"

#include "xmldata.h"

using namespace std;

class QMainWindow;
class QWidget;
class QAction;

namespace NPlugin

class Plugin;
class IProvider;

/** This collects the information about a plugin.
  * It should be offered by every plugin via a get_pluginInformation() 
  * function.
00031 struct PluginInformation
      PluginInformation(const string& name_="", const string& version_="", const string& author_="")
            name = name_;
            version = version_;
            author = author_;
      string name;
      string version;
      string author;
      /** Compares to plugins are identical by comparing all available attributes. */
00043       bool operator==(const PluginInformation& p) const
            return name == p.name && version == p.version && author == p.author;

// Interface PluginContainer
class PluginContainer : public IPluginInformer
      virtual ~PluginContainer() {};
      /** @brief Loads and initializes all offered plugins.
        * @param pProvider the porvider which offers information for the plugins
        * @returns if the plugin was successfully initialized, if it returns false,
        * the plugin container should be deleted by the plugin user as the plugin
        * container is in an undefined state and function calls might crash the 
        * application.
      virtual bool init(IProvider* pProvider) = 0;
      /** This returns the names of all plugins offered by this container. */
      virtual vector<string> offeredPlugins() const = 0;
      /** @brief Get the plugin with the given name. The plugin is not 
        * initialized so call Plugin::init() for it.
        * Release the requested plugins with releasePlugin().
        * @param name name of the plugin to be requested
        * @returns the plugin with this name, or 0 if no such plugin exists
      virtual Plugin* requestPlugin(const string& name) = 0;
      /** Gets a list of all plugins currently loaded. 
      virtual vector<Plugin*> getLoadedPlugins() = 0;
      /** @brief This signals that a user of the Plugin no longer uses it. 
        * It is used to see if we can delete shared resources. The plugin 
        * will be deleted by this function. If the plugin is not owned by this
        * container the function will return immidiately.
        * @param pPlugin the plugin to be released
      virtual void releasePlugin(Plugin* pPlugin) = 0;
      /** Returns the title of this container.
      virtual QString title() const = 0;
      /** @brief Returns the name of this plugin.
        * This must correspond to the name of the library where the plugin is stored in.
        * It is case sensitive. It should be a unique identifier from all available plugins.
      virtual string name() const = 0;
      /** @brief This will return a widget to control the Plugin Container 
        * (i.e. enabling/disabling parts of the plugin container and make 
        * settings for the plugins).
        * The PluginContainer will cease control about the widget to the calling 
        * function and if this does not care, the widget will be deleted with its 
        * parent (through the QT Garbage collection).\n
        * The Widget will be connected to the container, so the container can 
        * handle the input from the widget.\n
        * The default implementation (if not overloaded) is to return 0.
        * @param pParent the parent for this control widget. It will delete the 
        * widget returned if destroyed
      virtual QWidget* getSettingsWidget(QWidget* pParent);
      /** @brief Call this option to apply the settings from the requested settings 
        * window to the PluginContainer.
        * Call this function only if getSettingsWidget() was called before and the 
        * widget is not yet deleted.\n
        * By default this function is empty
      virtual void applySettings();
      /** @brief Loads the settings from the element node.
        * Does nothing in its default implementation. 
        * @param inData XML Document which owns source
      virtual void loadSettings(const QDomElement source);
      /** @brief Save the settings from this plugin container into the given XML tree
        * Does nothing in its default implementation.\n
        * If settings are to be saved they must contain of a single tree with a 
        * QDomElement in the root which must be added under parent.
        * @param parent the parent under which to add the settings
        * @param outData XML Document which owns parent
      virtual void saveSettings(NXml::XmlData& outData, QDomElement parent) const;
      /** @brief This returns the actions this plugin wants to offer to the user.
        * The QString specifies the menu the action should be added to, the action is
        * a QAction which is connected to the operation to perform.\n
        * The default implementation returns an empty vector.
      virtual vector< pair<QString, QAction*> > actions();

}     // namespace NPlugin

#endif //   __PLUGINCONTAINER_H_2004_06_23

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