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#ifndef __FILENAMEPLUGIN_H_2004_06_21
#define __FILENAMEPLUGIN_H_2004_06_21

#include <string>

#include <qstring.h>
#include <qstringlist.h>
#include <qmutex.h>

#include <searchplugin.h>
#include <informationplugin.h>

class FilenameView;
class FilenameSearchInput;
class FilenameFeedbackWidget;
class QWidget;
class QTimer;
class QProcess;

using namespace std;

namespace NPlugin

// Class FilenamePlugin
class FilenamePlugin : public SearchPlugin, public InformationPlugin 
      virtual ~FilenamePlugin();
      /** @name Plugin Interface
        * Implementation of the PluginInterface
      virtual uint priority() const { return 7; };
      virtual void init(IProvider* pProvider);
      /// @todo not yet implemented
      virtual void setEnabled(bool enabled)     {};
      /// @todo not yet implemented
      virtual void setVisible(bool visible)     {};
      /** @returns &quot;FilenamePlugin&quot; */
      virtual QString title() const;
      /// @todo to be implemented
      virtual QString briefDescription() const;
      /// @todo to be implemented
      virtual QString description() const;
      /** @name InformationPlugin interface
        * Implementation of the InformationPlugin interface
      virtual uint informationPriority() const  { return 7; }
      /** @returns a widget which shows a description of this package. */
      virtual QWidget* informationWidget() const;
      /** @returns &quot;Description&quot; */
      virtual QString informationWidgetTitle() const;
      virtual void updateInformationWidget(int packageID);
      virtual void clearInformationWidget();
      /** This plugin offers an information text. */
      virtual bool offersInformationText() const { return false; };
      virtual QString informationText (int packageID);
      /** @name SearchPlugin interface
        * Implementation of the SearchPlugin interface
      virtual uint searchPriority() const { return 7; };
      virtual QWidget* inputWidget() const;
      virtual QString inputWidgetTitle() const;
      virtual QWidget* shortInputAndFeedbackWidget() const;
      virtual void clearSearch();
      virtual bool usesFilterTechnique() const { return false; };
      virtual const Tagcoll::OpSet<int>& searchResult() const     { return _searchResult; };
      virtual bool filterPackage(int packageID) const { return true; };
      virtual bool isInactive() const;
      /** This exception is thrown to indicate that no information about the 
        * package could have be retrieved. */
00088       class NoInformationException
            /** This holds a message about what wen wrong. */
00092             QString _errorMessage;
            NoInformationException(const QString& errorMessage)   
                  { _errorMessage = errorMessage; };

      /** @brief This returns the files which belong to the given package.
        * It might return an empty list, if the information can not 
        * be retrieved immidiately.\n
        * @throws NoInformationException if no inforamtion about the package
        * can be retrieved. */
      QStringList filesForPackage(const string& packageName) throw (NoInformationException);
      /** @brief Returns if we have a single file for the filelist of the package.
        * I.e. it is fast accessible. 
      bool hasFastFilelist(const string& packageName);
      /** This checks if the apt-file system is available. */
      bool aptFileAvailable();
protected slots:
      /** @brief Evaluates the currently entered search. */
      void evaluateSearch();
private slots:
      /** This is called whenever the text of the widget where to insert the 
        * search pattern changes. */
      void onInputTextChanged(const QString&);
      /** Called when the search process has exited. */
      void onSearchProcessExited();
      /** If the filesearch has stdout ready. */
      void onStdoutFromFilesearch();
      /** Called when the search process has exited. */
      void onFilelistProcessExited();
      /** If the file list has stdout ready. */
      void onStdoutFromFilelist();
      /** Called whenever the user clicked "show" in the view. */
      void onShowRequested();
      /** Locked if we currently evaluate a search. */
      QMutex _processMutex;
      /** Process currently executed, make sure to get the _processMutex if you want to use it.
        * 0 if no process is currently running. */
      QProcess* _pProcess;
      /** @brief This checks if the given entry is for the handed package and 
        * prepares the entry for output.
        * It works on entries as returned by <tt>apt-file list <i>packageName</i></tt>. 
        * (which have the type: <tt>package: filename</tt>).
        * The entries which are for the given package will be changed to represent the
        * file location (i.e. the leading <tt>packageName: </tt> will be replaced by <tt>/</tt>).
        * @param entry the entry to be fixed (it will be changed by this function)
        * @param packageName the package to be matched against 
        * @returns false if the entry is not for the current package (i.e. does not start with packageName:) 
        * else true.
      bool fixEntry(QString& entry, const QString& packageName);
      /** @brief This extracts which package the entry belongs.
        * @param entry the entry to be parsed (this must be in the format as returned 
        * by apt-file search (i.e. <tt>package: filename</tt>)
        * @returns the packageName of the entry (i.e. the part before the colon
      QString getPackageFromAptFileSearchEntry(const QString& entry)
            return entry.left(entry.find(":")); // returns the part before the colon
      /** Widget where the search might be enterd. */
      FilenameSearchInput* _pInputWidget;
      /** The widget where the files will be shown in. */
      FilenameView* _pFileView;
      /** The widget where the search selected is shown in. */
      FilenameFeedbackWidget* _pFilenameFeedbackWidget;
      /** Holds a pointer to the pluginmanager which manages this pugin. */
      IProvider* _pProvider;
      /** This holds the result of the currently active search. */
      Tagcoll::OpSet<int> _searchResult;
      /** This timer is used to delay the evaluation of the search a little to avoid unneccessary operations
        * e.g. on text input. */
      QTimer* _pDelayTimer;
      /** This is the delay time in ms the delay timer waits for another input. */
      uint _delayTime;
      /** The package where information for should be displayed. */
      QString _currentPackage;


}     // namespace NPlugin

#endif //   __FILENAMEPLUGIN_H_2004_06_21

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