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#include <string>

#include <qobject.h>
#include <qstring.h>

#include <HandleMaker.h>
#include <TagSet.h>

#include <baseplugincontainer.h>

namespace Tagcoll
      // try to minimize the compile dependencies
      template <class T, class Tag> 
      class InputMerger;
      template <class T1, class T2>
      class TagCollection;
      template <class T1, class T2>
      class TagcollConsumer;

using namespace std;

namespace NApplication
      class RunCommand;

class DebtagsSettingsWidget;

namespace NPlugin

class DebtagsPlugin;
class RelatedPlugin;

/** @brief This class provides plugins using the debtags system.
  * It manages the shared data and offers the possibility to update the debtags database.
  * @author Benjamin Mesing
00048 class DebtagsPluginContainer : public QObject, public BasePluginContainer 
      /** @brief This holds a list of the names of all the plugins offered by this 
        * plugin container. 
        * @see offeredPlugins() 
00056       vector<QString> _offeredPlugins;
      /** @brief This holds if the debtags operations are currently enabled. 
        * This will be set to false if the reading of the tag database failed. 
00061       bool _debtagsEnabled;
      Tagcoll::HandleMaker<string>* _pHandleMaker;
      /** @brief Action which represents the debtags update option.
        * It is connected to onDebtagsUpdate(). 
00067       QAction* _pDebtagsUpdateAction;
      /** Holds the debtags plugin created. */
00069       DebtagsPlugin* _pDebtagsPlugin;
      /** Holds the related plugin created. */
00071       RelatedPlugin* _pRelatedPlugin;
      /** This pointer is used to run the <tt>debtags update</tt> command. */
00073       NApplication::RunCommand* _pCommand;
      /** @brief This holds the facets which are currently in use.
        * It gets them from the Debtags::Vocabulary and shows only those which
        * are not hidden.
        * @see #_hiddenFacets
00080       Tagcoll::FacetSet _facets;
      /** @brief This holds the names of the facets that shall not be shown.
        * This can be used to reduce the complexity for the user. 
00085       set<string> _hiddenFacets;
      /** @brief This holds the tag collection. 
        * If no collection is loaded it is set to 0.
        * Every item (package) appears only ones in the collection. 
00091       Tagcoll::TagCollection<int, string>* _pCollection;
      /** @brief This holds a pointer to the settings widget currently active.
        * This pointer must not be deleted and should only be used in applySettings(). 
00096       DebtagsSettingsWidget* _pSettingsWidget;
      /** Empty Constructor  */
      /** @name PluginContainer Interface
        * These functions implement the PluginContainer interface.
      virtual bool init(IProvider* pProvider);
      /** @returns "debtagsplugin" */
00108       virtual string name() const { return "debtagsplugin"; };
      // documented in base class
      virtual QString title() const { return tr("Debtags Plugins"); };
      /** @brief This returns a list with one entry which is the "Debtags Update" entry
        * The QString specifies the menu the action should be added to, the action is
        * a QAction which is connected to the operation to perform.\n
        * The default implementation returns an empty vector.
      vector< pair<QString, QAction*> > actions();
      // documented in base class
      virtual QWidget* getSettingsWidget(QWidget* pParent);
      // documented in base class
      virtual void applySettings();
      /** @brief Loads the settings from the element node.
        * Does nothing in its default implementation. 
        * @param source the element where the information is stored
      virtual void loadSettings(const QDomElement source);
      /** @brief Save the settings from this plugin container into the given XML tree
        * Does nothing in its default implementation. 
        * @param outData XML Document which owns parent
        * @param parent the parent under which to add the settings
      virtual void saveSettings(NXml::XmlData& outData, QDomElement parent) const;
      /** @brief Returns the #_debtagsEnabled property. */
00137       bool debtagsEnabled()   { return _debtagsEnabled; };
      /** @brief Returns the #_facets property. */
00139       const Tagcoll::FacetSet& facets() const   { return _facets; }
      /** @brief Returns the #_pCollection property. */
00141       Tagcoll::TagCollection<int, string>* collection() const     { return _pCollection; }
protected slots:
      /** @brief Launches the debtags update command. */
      void onDebtagsUpdate();
      /** @brief This function will be called if the update finished. 
        * It will update the debtags database used. 
      void onDebtagsUpdateFinished();
      /** @brief This sets the debtags operations to be enabled/ disabled 
        * If set to false all widgets will be disabled, else they will be enabled.
        * @see #_debtagsEnabled 
      void setDebtagsEnabled(bool enabled);
      /** @brief Loads the latest debtags database and informs the plugins about the changing of the
        * database.
        * Behaves sound when loading fails (informing plugins about set to zero).
      void updateDebtags();
      /** @brief This loads the vocabulary data and filling the #_facets set. 
        * The contained plugins will be informed that the debtags data has changed.
        * If loading fails #_facets will be left empty. 
        * @param informPlugins if true the plugins will be informed about changing of
        * the debtags data, set to false if they will be informed on another way
      void updateVocabulary(bool informPlugins = true);

}     // namespace NPlugin

#endif //   __DEBTAGSPLUGINCONTAINER_H_2004_06_23

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