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void PackageSearchImpl::addPlugin ( NPlugin::PluginContainer *  pPlugin  )  [virtual]

Adds the given plugin to the SearchWindow.

pPlugin the plugin to be added

Definition at line 243 of file packagesearchimpl.cpp.

References addMenuEntry(), and addPlugin().

      assert(pPlugin!= 0);
      // add the actions offered by this plugin container to the menu
      vector< pair<QString, QAction*> > actions = pPlugin->actions();
      NExtStd::for_each(actions.begin(), actions.end(), &PackageSearchImpl::addMenuEntry, this);
      // add all plugins offered by this container
      vector<string> offeredPlugins = pPlugin->offeredPlugins();
      for ( vector<string>::iterator it = offeredPlugins.begin(); it != offeredPlugins.end(); ++it)

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