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void PackageSearchImpl::initialize (  )  [slot]

Call this function after the dialog is shown to initialize the whole system.

Definition at line 94 of file packagesearchimpl.cpp.

References _plugins, _pPackageNamePlugin, _pPluginManager, addPlugin(), NPlugin::PluginManager::loadPlugins(), packages(), and reportWarning().

      // create the hard coded plugin
      _pPackageNamePlugin = new NPlugin::PackageNamePlugin();

      if (_plugins.empty())   // if no plugins were loaded
            reportWarning("No Plugins Loaded","This program needs plugins to do anything usefull at all.<br>"
                  "Please install or activate some plugins.");
      const set<string>& packages_ = packages();
      for (set<string>::const_iterator it = packages_.begin(); it != packages_.end(); ++it)

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