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void PackageSearchImpl::addSearchPluginToGui ( NPlugin::SearchPlugin *  pPlugin  )  [protected]

Adds the widgets of the search plugin to the GUI.

pPlugin != 0

Definition at line 334 of file packagesearchimpl.cpp.

Referenced by updateSearchPluginGui().

      // add the input widget
      if (pPlugin->inputWidget() != 0)
            _pInputWidgetsContainer->addTab(pPlugin->inputWidget(), pPlugin->inputWidgetTitle());
      // add the short input widget
      if (pPlugin->shortInputAndFeedbackWidget()!=0)
            QWidget* pWidget = pPlugin->shortInputAndFeedbackWidget();
            // store if the widget was shown to as reparenting destroys this state
            bool shown = pWidget->isShown();
            // reparenting was the only way which seemed to work to get the widgets where I wanted them :-(
                  _pShortSearchFrame, 0, QPoint()

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