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void PackageSearchImpl::refreshShownAndHidden (  )  [protected, slot]

This refreshes _shownShortInformation and _hiddenShortInformation according to the state of this class.

_shownShortInformation will be updated according to the listed columns in _pPackageListView also reflecting its columns order, and from _hiddenShortInformation all entries will be removed where no plugin is available wich have this text as caption.

Definition at line 520 of file packagesearchimpl.cpp.

References _hiddenShortInformation, _shortInformationPlugins, and _shownShortInformation.

Referenced by onPackageViewContextMenu().

      QHeader* pHeader = _pPackageView->header();
      for (int section = 0; section < pHeader->count(); ++section)
            // get the real index  assigned to the plugin
      // remove the entries from the _hiddenShortInformation list where no plugin is available for
      for (QStringList::iterator it = _hiddenShortInformation.begin(); 
                  it != _hiddenShortInformation.end(); )
      // don't increment the iterator in the loop header as this is done inside
            ShortInformationPluginContainer::iterator jt = find_if(_shortInformationPlugins.begin(), 
                  _shortInformationPlugins.end(), ShortInformationCaptionEquals(*it));
            if (jt == _shortInformationPlugins.end())
                  // remove the entry from the hidden ones, making sure that 
                  // and point to the next entry
                  it = _hiddenShortInformation.erase(it);

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