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PackageSearchImpl Class Reference

#include <packagesearchimpl.h>

Inheritance diagram for PackageSearchImpl:

NPlugin::IProvider NPlugin::IPluginUser

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Detailed Description

I had to leave the ui.h approach as the TagcollBuilder wants to have a handle maker on construction and as I did not like to mess around with pointers I was forced to switch to the subclassing approach.

Definition at line 44 of file packagesearchimpl.h.

Public Slots

void initialize ()

Public Member Functions

virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *pE)
 PackageSearchImpl (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, WFlags fl=WType_TopLevel)
void updateShortInformation (Tagcoll::OpSet< int > &packages)
IPluginUser interface
These functions implement the IPluginUser interface.

virtual void addPlugin (NPlugin::PluginContainer *pPlugin)
 Adds the given plugin to the SearchWindow.
virtual void addPlugin (NPlugin::Plugin *pPlugin)
void removePlugin (NPlugin::Plugin *pPlugin)
 Finds every reference to plugin and remove it so that pPlugin can be safely deleted.
IProvider interface
These functions implement the IProvider interface.

virtual Tagcoll::HandleMaker
< string > & 
handleMaker () const
virtual QMainWindow * mainWindow ()
virtual const set< string > & packages ()
 Returns a list of all packages available.
virtual IPluginUser * pluginUser ()
virtual NUtil::IProgressObserverprogressObserver ()
virtual void reportBusy (NPlugin::Plugin *pPlugin, const QString &message)
 This can be used by the plugins to report that they are currently busy.
virtual void reportError (const QString &title, const QString &message)
 Reports an error to the user.
virtual void reportReady (NPlugin::Plugin *pPlugin)
virtual void reportWarning (const QString &title, const QString &message)
 Reports a warning to the user.
virtual void setEnabled (bool enabled)
 Disables the whole search window.
virtual QStatusBar * statusBar ()
virtual QPopupMenu * systemMenu () const

Protected Slots

virtual void loadSettings ()
virtual void onClearSearch ()
virtual void onControlPlugins ()
virtual void onInformationPageChanged (QWidget *pPage)
virtual void onPluginSettings ()
virtual void onSearchChanged (NPlugin::SearchPlugin *pPlugin)
 Evaluates the plugin search results and displays them in the GUI.
void refreshShownAndHidden ()
 This refreshes _shownShortInformation and _hiddenShortInformation according to the state of this class.
virtual void saveSettings ()
virtual void showPackageInformation (const QString &package)
 This let the views show all information available about the package.

Protected Member Functions

void addInformationPluginToGui (NPlugin::InformationPlugin *pPlugin)
 Adds the elements of the information plugin to the GUI.
void addMenuEntry (pair< QString, QAction * > menuEntry)
 Adds the given action (menuEntry.second) to the menu with the given name (menuEntry.first).
void addSearchPluginToGui (NPlugin::SearchPlugin *pPlugin)
 Adds the widgets of the search plugin to the GUI.
void onPackageViewContextMenu (QListViewItem *pItem, const QPoint &pos)
void updateInformationPluginGui ()
 Updates information interface.
void updateSearchPluginGui ()
 Updates search interface.
void updateShortInformationPluginGui ()
 Updates short information interface.

Private Types

typedef vector
< NPlugin::InformationPlugin * > 
typedef vector< NPlugin::Plugin * > PluginContainer
typedef vector
< NPlugin::SearchPlugin * > 
typedef vector
< NPlugin::ShortInformationPlugin * > 

Private Attributes

QStringList _hiddenShortInformation
 Lists the name of the caption for the short information plugins which are hidden.
InformationPluginContainer _informationPlugins
 All information plugins currently installed.
set< string > _packages
 This holds all packages available on the system.
Tagcoll::HandleMaker< string > * _pHandleMaker
 This maps the integers to the corresponding package names.
QWidget * _pInformationDetailsPage
 This holds a pointer to the page for the details section.
PluginContainer _plugins
 This plugin is used to display the package names in the short description.
 This is the class that takes care of the plugins loading and unloading.
SearchPluginContainer _searchPlugins
QString _settingsFilename
< NPlugin::ShortInformationPlugin
*, int > 
 This maps the plugin to the short information column it fills.
ShortInformationPluginContainer _shortInformationPlugins
 All short information plugins currently installed.
QStringList _shownShortInformation
 Lists the name of the caption for the short information plugins.


struct  Exception
class  FilterPackages
 Funtion object to filter search results with plugins which uses the filter technique. More...

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