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NWidgets::TagSelectionListView Class Reference

#include <tagselectionlistview.h>

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Detailed Description

This class offers a listview that allows the selection of multiple tags.

The tags are arranged in a listview tree.

I am really sorry not to offer a template class, but QT does not support signals and slots for templates :-(

Benjamin Mesing

Definition at line 46 of file tagselectionlistview.h.

Public Slots

void collapseAll ()
void expandAll ()
void setColl (Tagcoll::TagCollection< int, string > *pColl)
void setFilterByNamePattern (const string &filterByNamePattern)


void tagItemsSelected (const set< TagItem * > &tags)
 The signal will be emitted, whenever the selection changes.

Public Member Functions

virtual void addTagItem (TagItem *pItem, const string &parentFullTagName)
 Adds a TagSelectionItem as child of parent to the view.
virtual void addTagItem (TagItem *pItem, TagItem *pParent=0)
 Adds a TagSelectionItem as child of parent to the view.
iterator begin ()
 Creates an iterator that points to the first element.
iterator begin (QListViewItemIterator::IteratorFlag flags)
 Creates an iterator that points to the first element.
virtual void clear ()
 Clears the view and emits the tagItemsSelected() signal.
Tagcoll::TagCollection< int,
string > * 
coll () const
virtual void deselectAll ()
 Deselects all tags.
virtual void deselectTag (const string &fullTagname)
 Deselects the tag with the given name.
iterator end ()
const string & filterByNamePattern () const
set< TagItem * > getSelected ()
virtual TagItem * getTagItem (const string &fullName)
virtual bool hasData () const
virtual void loadVocabulary (const Tagcoll::FacetSet &vocabulary)
 Sets a new vocabulary data.
bool selectedEmpty ()
void signal_tagItemsSelected (set< TagItem * > tags)
 TagSelectionListView (QWidget *parent, const char *name)
 Constructor creates an empty list for selection of tags.
TagListViewItemthisGetTagItem (const string &fullName)
 Returns the first element that matches the given name.

Protected Slots

void onContextMenuRequested (QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &pos, int col)
virtual void onSelectionChanged ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void contentsMousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *pE)
 Intercept the clicking of the right mouse button, and avoid selection by it.
void filter ()
virtual void filterByName ()
 Filters all items which contain filter in their longTagname.
void filterByTagSet ()
 Hides all tags where selecting would result in an empty result list.
bool isVisible (const TagListViewItem *pItem)
void makeAllVisible ()
 This function makes all items in the tree visible.

Private Attributes

string _filterByNamePattern
Tagcoll::TagCollection< int,
string > * 
set< TagItem * > _selected


class  const_iterator
class  iterator

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