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void NPlugin::PluginManager::saveSettings ( NXml::XmlData outData,
QDomElement  parent 

Save the settings from this plugin container into the given XML tree.

Currently the only information is the plugins which are disabled.

outData XML Document which owns parent
parent the parent where under to add the settings

Definition at line 252 of file pluginmanager.cpp.

References _loadedPlugins, _pluginSettings, _settingsVersion, NXml::XmlData::addAttribute(), and NXml::XmlData::addElement().

      // take a look at the pluginmanager.dtd file for the XML structure
      QDomElement pluginManager = outData.addElement(parent, "PluginManager");
      outData.addAttribute(pluginManager, _settingsVersion, "settingsVersion");
      QDomElement disabledPlugins = outData.addElement(pluginManager, "DisabledPlugins");
      QDomElement pluginSettings = outData.addElement(pluginManager, "PluginSettings");
      for (list<PluginData>::iterator it = _disabledPlugins.begin(); it != _disabledPlugins.end(); ++it)
            QDomElement plugin = outData.addElement(disabledPlugins, "Plugin");
                  outData.addAttribute(plugin, it->name(), "name");
                  outData.addAttribute(plugin, it->version(), "version");
                  outData.addAttribute(plugin, it->author(), "author");
                  outData.addAttribute(plugin, it->directory, "directory");
                  outData.addAttribute(plugin, false, "enabled");
            // store the settings for the disabled plugins
            map<string, const QDomElement>::const_iterator jt = _pluginSettings.find(it->name());
            if ( jt != _pluginSettings.end() )
      for (PluginToDataMap::iterator it = _loadedPlugins.begin(); 
            it != _loadedPlugins.end(); ++it)
            it->first->saveSettings(outData, pluginSettings);

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