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NPlugin::PackageStatusPlugin Class Reference

#include <packagestatusplugin.h>

Inheritance diagram for NPlugin::PackageStatusPlugin:

NPlugin::ShortInformationPlugin NPlugin::Plugin NPlugin::Plugin

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Detailed Description

This Plugin offers information about the installed State of the package.

It offers short information (an x if the package is installed and an empty string if not) and allows searching by installed status using the filter search technique.

Benjamin Mesing

Definition at line 35 of file packagestatusplugin.h.


void searchChanged (NPlugin::SearchPlugin *pPlugin)

Public Member Functions

 PackageStatusPlugin (NApt::IPackageDB *pPackageDB)
Plugin Interface
Implementation of the PluginInterface

virtual QString briefDescription () const
virtual QString description () const
virtual void init (IProvider *pProvider)
virtual void setEnabled (bool enabled)
virtual void setVisible (bool visible)
virtual QString title () const
 Returns the title of the plugin, this is how it will be shown in configuration dialogs or similar.
SearchPlugin interface
Implementation of the SearchPlugin interface

virtual void clearSearch ()
virtual bool filterPackage (int packageID) const
virtual QWidget * inputWidget () const
 This plugin offers no input widgets.
virtual QString inputWidgetTitle () const
 This plugin offers no input widgets.
virtual bool isInactive () const
virtual uint searchPriority () const
virtual const Tagcoll::OpSet
< int > & 
searchResult () const
virtual QWidget * shortInputAndFeedbackWidget () const
virtual bool usesFilterTechnique () const
ShortInformationPlugin interface
Implementation of the ShortInformationPlugin interface

virtual int preferredColumnWidth () const
 Returns the preferred width for the column displaying the short information.
virtual QString shortInformationCaption () const
virtual uint shortInformationPriority () const
 Returns the priority of this short information plugin.
virtual const QString shortInformationText (int packageID)

Protected Slots

void onInstalledFilterChanged (int activated)

Protected Member Functions

NApt::Package::InstalledState getState (int packageID) const
 Returns the state of the handed package.

Static Protected Attributes

static const QString _emptyString

Private Types

enum  InstalledState { NOT_INSTALLED, INSTALLED, ALL = 100 }
 This enum must always match NApt::Package::InstalledState except for ALL.

Private Attributes

const QString _briefDescription
const QString _description
Tagcoll::OpSet< int > _emptyOpSet
InstalledState _installedFilter
QString _installedText
QString _notInstalledText
Tagcoll::HandleMaker< string > * _pHandleMaker
InstalledFilterWidget * _pInstalledFilterWidget
< NApt::Package::InstalledState,
QString > 
 This maps the installed state to how it shall be diplayed.
const QString _title

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