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NPlugin::BasePluginContainer Class Reference

#include <baseplugincontainer.h>

Inheritance diagram for NPlugin::BasePluginContainer:

NPlugin::IPluginInformer NPlugin::DebtagsPluginContainer NPlugin::FilenamePluginContainer

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Detailed Description

Call init() before using the requestPlugin() function.

Definition at line 22 of file baseplugincontainer.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual vector< pair< QString,
QAction * > > 
actions ()
 This returns the actions this plugin wants to offer to the user.
virtual void addPluginUser (IPluginUser *pUser)
 Adds a plugin user. Plugin users will be informed about loading and unloading of plugins.
virtual void applySettings ()
 Call this option to apply the settings from the requested settings window to the PluginContainer.
 BasePluginContainer ()
 Constructs a PluginContainer which uses the given factory to create the plugins.
QDomElement getSettings (string pluginName)
virtual QWidget * getSettingsWidget (QWidget *pParent)
 This will return a widget to control the Plugin Container (i.e. enabling/disabling parts of the plugin container and make settings for the plugins).
virtual bool init (IProvider *pProvider)=0
 Loads and initializes all offered plugins.
void isEnabled (string pluginName)
virtual void loadSettings (const QDomElement source)
 Loads the settings from the element node.
virtual string name () const =0
 Returns the name of this plugin.
virtual void removePluginUser (IPluginUser *pUser)
virtual void saveSettings (NXml::XmlData &outData, QDomElement parent) const
 Save the settings from this plugin container into the given XML tree.
virtual QString title () const =0
virtual ~BasePluginContainer ()
 This will also delete all plugins owned by this container.
PluginContainer Interface
These functions implement the PluginContainer interface.

virtual vector< Plugin * > getLoadedPlugins ()
virtual bool init (IProvider *pProvider, IPluginFactory *pFactory)
 This makes the plugin container ready for use.
virtual vector< string > offeredPlugins () const
virtual void releasePlugin (Plugin *pPlugin)
virtual PluginrequestPlugin (const string &name)

Protected Member Functions

void addPlugin (const string &name)
 This adds a new plugin type to the available ones.
IPluginFactorypluginFactory ()
IProviderprovider ()

Protected Attributes

PluginInformer _pluginInformer

Private Types

typedef map< string, Plugin * > PluginMap

Private Attributes

vector< string > _pluginNames
 This holds the names of all plugins offered.
PluginMap _plugins
 This maps the plugin names to the corresponding plugins.

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